Arcadia Farms Relationship Focus

I had the opportunity to write the script and blog post for this video, which focuses on Hytrol's relationship with one of its integration partners as a customer advantage. A family dairy farm had already made the leap into the juice and beverage industry. In 2004, Hytrol and its integration partner helped them transition into the role of a major distributor for beverages across the United States. Founded in 1939, Arcadia Farms began as a first generation dairy business located in Arden, North Carolina. Since then, they’ve grown into a major brand which provides a wide variety of non-carbonated juices, drinks, and teas to companies across the country. Their 200,000 square foot automated facility supplies these goods to club, drug, foodservice, mass, and wholesale channels.

Hytrol Donates Automatic Bat to Jonesboro Miracle League

(Jonesboro, AR) April 24, 2015—On the morning of April 19, Gavin Grubbs came up to the plate and hit the softball. The crowd cheered, and he took off to first base. “It was really fun,” said Grubbs. “I hadn’t played baseball since I was itty bitty—maybe 10 years.” Grubbs is one of the many children in the Jonesboro Miracle League using the “Knock Block,” an assistive batting device donated by Hytrol Conveyor Company to league on Friday. The Knock Block works with the pres

Winfield schools give teachers option to allow viewing of speech

President Barack Obama will deliver a speech at 11 a.m. Tuesday to students across the nation, but some attending schools in USD 465 may have to wait until they get home to watch it. Because of rising controversy surrounding Obama’s motives for the speech, USD 465 principals held a meeting Friday morning to discuss whether or not show the broadcast to their schools. Superintendent of Schools Marvin Estes said that it would be up to each school’s teachers and principal to “determine whether or not it would have educational value.”